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SOURCE accepts applications from potential nonprofit clients throughout the academic year. We are always actively searching for a new challenge to tackle. If you are interested in learning more about what SOURCE can do for your nonprofit organization, please contact us at

Who We Serve

SOURCE focuses on serving a wide range of local nonprofits in the immediate Los Angeles and San Bernardino area. We have worked with over 15 different organizations in the local vicinity, including nonprofits in Claremont, Upland, and Pomona, and continue to expand our reach. SOURCE works with nonprofit organizations of diverse interests and services, including but not limited to those in education, arts, religion, horticulture and child development.

Click here to see the profiles of our current clients. 

What We Do

SOURCE approaches each of its client's unique challenges differently and aims to design client-specific solutions that are effective and sustainable for each organization. In the past, SOURCE consultants have worked on projects such as:

  • Grant-writing
  • Quantitative impact analysis
  • Web design and development
  • Marketing strategy and execution
  • Fundraising strategies
  • Social media campaigns
  • Board evaluations


“SOURCE has been the single most effective organization with which Uncommon Good has collaborated.”
— Nancy Mintie, Executive Director of Uncommon Good

“Our five SOURCE students are excellent this year. They are talented, smart, creative, diligent, and reliable. The students are not only resourceful, but they take a genuine interest in the women of Crossroads and in our organization.”

— Heather Long, Associate Director of Crossroads

“The SOURCE Handbook was passed out at our CTEC Advisory meeting. Often busy board members file a document in the board packet and forget it. One member read it, left the meeting and drove straight to Garey High to show it to the principal.”

– Jil Stark, CTEC Board Member

“SOURCE was able to help us think about what we could measure and how we could define our impact. With a small staff of six, we did not have the human resources to meet [new Charity Navigator] requirements. Without the skills and professionalism of the SOURCE team, we would have been forced to hire outside consultants at great expense.”

– Amy Fass, Executive Director of Shoes That Fit