Client Services


SOURCE engages with an average of 7 clients per year. These partnerships often last multiple years.
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IdeaJams are 2 - 3 hour long brainstorming sessions with a group of our talented, passionate Consultants, focused on solving one of your organization's issues in a tactical manner. In previous IdeaJams, we have helped nonprofit organizations restructure their marketing strategy, develop a social media strategy, and develop new streams of revenue to better serve their constituents. We have worked with over a dozen organizations in the Claremont area and continue to expand our reach each year. We have partnered with organizations that focus on a diverse range of specialties, including education, art, horticulture, prisoners’ rights, disabilities, and child development. It's common for organizations who sit down with us at IdeaJams to partner with us down the road!

Nonprofit Lunch and Learns

Nonprofit Lunch and Learns are collaborative lunches among representatives of nonprofits that feature one or more speakers presenting on a topic relevant to nonprofit management. Past topics have included grant writing and development.