Nonprofit Insights

SOURCE consultants regularly write articles detailing the insights they have gained in their client work and beyond. Several useful articles are highlighted below. We hope that they are helpful!

Strategic Planning

Guide to Conducting a SWOT Analysis

Creating Your Own Strategic Plan

Surveys: A Simple Tool to Create Substantial Impact

The Importance of Relationships

Unlock the Power of Your Organization: Follow These 3 Steps

Board Development

Board Development with Pamela Gann

Making the Most of Your Human Capital

How to Develop Your Board

Fundraising Tips

4 Tips on Direct Mail Fundraising

Maximizing Grantwriting Success These Quick Steps

Tips for Hosting a Smooth Event

Maximize Your Fundraising


Social Media 101: Should You Consider Social Media? 

Social Media 101: Tips and Tricks

Social Media 101: Understanding the Options

How To Build an Email Campaign Overnight That Your Members Will Love

Business Perspectives

Looking at Social Enterprises With a Business Lens

Helping the Community With A For-Profit Mindset

Assessing Your Nonprofit’s Financial Health

The Benefits and Disadvantages of Becoming a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit

Run Your Nonprofit Like A Startup