"This was a powerful shot in the arm, I'm so enthusiastic about your ideas — I can't believe we haven't been doing them for years."

- Lanore Pearlman, Friends of the Claremont Library

IdeaJams are 90 minute brainstorming sessions with a group of 4-5 our passionate Consultants and 2-3 representatives from your nonprofit, focused on solving one of your organization's challenges in a tactical manner. We go into enough detail to provide a rough outline of a plan to implement the idea, giving your organization a head start. Finally, we give your nonprofit actionable recommendations to get on track toward bringing these ideas to fruition.


Your organization will leave an IdeaJam with both visionary ideas and immediately actionable steps. If you wish to be one of SOURCE’s clients, an IdeaJam is a great way to become acquainted with us!


If you are interested in scheduling an IdeaJam, please email our managers, Jack Segal ( and Lili Muskal (


We offer 10-12 IdeaJams annually to anyone working with a nonprofit organization in the greater LA area. These brainstorming sessions take place at Claremont Mckenna College. We are currently scheduling IdeaJams for 2017-2018. 

IdeaJams are a pro bono service offered to nonprofits in the greater Claremont area!