Associate Consultant FAQs

 Here are some of the frequently asked questions we receive about the Associate Consultant Program. Still have more questions? Feel free to reach out to the managers, Jack Segal ( and Lili Muskal (

Will I be paid?

Yes, you will! However, we are all capped on the amount of hours we can charge due to budget constraints, but we are working on internal initiatives to expand our budget. As of now, ACs are capped at charging 3 hours per week at minimum wage.


What does the typical week look like?

A typical week for an AC consists of attending a team meeting, executing client deliverables during your own time, attending an internal committee meeting to help drive internal SOURCE initiatives, and engaging in 1-2 other SOURCE events (e.g. IdeaJams, AC workshops, SOURCE-wide meetings, SOURCE socials, etc.).


I have a packed schedule already. How will SOURCE accommodate for that?

We understand and try our best to accommodate the challenges of being a student, athlete and/or member of other clubs/organizations on campus. Client and team meetings can be arranged with your team members to fit your schedule, but we expect your attendance at our SOURCE-wide meetings and workshops (unless reason for absence is provided over 48 hours in advance).


What is the dress code? 

The dress code of internal SOURCE meetings are usually casual. In client-facing settings, consultants are expected to wear business casual.


What will I be doing?

As an Associate Consultant (AC), you will be partnering with a nonprofit client in the Claremont community with a team of 3-4 other SOURCE Consultants. You will contribute to identifying the client's key challenges, project scoping, brainstorming solutions, and executing deliverables. In addition to building these client-facing skills, you will have access to various workshops and mentorship programs targeted at developing professional skills (e.g. client communication, analytical thinking, tactical skills such as Excel and PowerPoint).


What is the time commitment to being a SOURCE consultant?

Given the ebb and flow nature of consulting work, you can expect to contribute 4-8 hours per week to SOURCE, including team and client meetings.


What do the different titles given to SOURCE members mean?

The titles given to SOURCE members describe different positions/levels of experience within the organization. AC's (Associate Consultants) are first year Consultants, Consultants have more than a year of experience, Lead Consultants manage teams of 3-5 Consultants/AC's, and "Managers" oversee overall operations in SOURCE.