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Claremont After-School Program (CLASP)


Claremont After-School Program (CLASP) provides tutoring services, educational excursions to places such as Mt. San Antonio Botanical Gardens, and other enrichment programs to at-risk youth in the Claremont Unified School District. It is the result of  a 2005 merger between the Youth Wellness Center and the Claremont Tutorial Centers, two organizations with enough in common that their leaders agreed to merge. For the 2015-2016 academic year, CLASP recruited 287 volunteer tutors, ranging from high school students to members of the Claremont community.

Claremont Meals on Wheels

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Claremont Meals on Wheels delivers hot, nutritious meals to homebound people who have no other means of securing food. Its clients include seniors, those recovering from surgery, and people with disabilities. Its network of volunteers delivers up to 64 hot midday meals per day, taking care to check on recipients' well-being. 


Foothill Family Shelter

Foothill Family Shelter provides both transitional and permanent housing for homeless families in the San Bernardino - LA County Area. The Shelter aids families find safe and secure housing for those who are currently or are on the verge of being homeless. The program stipulates strict expectations for the families to ensure the families are provided the necessary tools to succeed independently in modern society. In the words of Foothill Family Shelter, " We believe in offering our clients a hand-up and not a hand-out and clients must agree to be focused, committed and engaged."

SOURCE strongly believes in advancing Foothill Family Shelter's mission of giving a hand-up to those in need. This year, we will focus our projects on helping market and grow the organization’s newly opened thrift shop in Upland, as well as work on revamping the current volunteer programs available at the Shelter. The team also hopes to establish and create an Ambassador program for Foothill Family Shelter, which will help advance their mission and impact within the communities around them.

Ophelia's Jump

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Ophelia's Jump is an Inland Empire theatre company that produces both novel interpretations of old works and new works from talented local artists. Its mission, in its own words, "includes developing workshops for educators in incorporating performing arts and drama into the curriculum to increase student engagement and learning." Their 2016 season includes Shakespeare's Othello, Stefanie Zadravec's The Electric Baby, and Nina Raine's Tribes.


Pacific Lifeline


Pacific Lifeline is a long-term transitional shelter for women and their children, offering case management, therapy, vocational training, children's programs and other services to women and children facing chronic homelessness. It aids women and their children in achieving personal and social stability to sustain financially and emotionally in society. Our team is partnering with Pacific Lifeline to develop a strategic fundraising plan.

Sustainable Claremont

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Sustainable Claremont is an organization dedicated to action toward a more environmentally, socially, and economically Claremont. By no means is it entirely Claremont-centric; its projects benefit the wider vicinity around Claremont as well. Current projects including working with the city of Claremont to create a Wilderness Park Master Plan, collaborating with schools to establish school gardens, and working to reduce pesticide and fertilizer use in both public and private landscapes. Claremont is currently a semifinalist in the Georgetown University Energy Prize competition, in large part thanks to Sustainable Claremont.